Money & Family Don’t Mix

 Money always causes a problem between family & friends. Why add to your stress? We have the solution for you. Your assets are the answer.  They could help you over your cashflow shortage. Our professional, experienced, caring staff can take out all the emotion & make it a simple business transaction. Gold, diamonds, ipads, laptops […]

Your’re Doing My Head In!

    All those pawnbroking shows are doing my head in! Yes I know pawnbroking has a very negative image but honestly they are not a true reflection of what goes on at Cash Inn Revesby. After 19 years we have become a large part of downtown Revesby & so many of our clients are […]

Experience with a capital E – 19 years of it

The  Torch Newspaper recently did an article on how payday lenders are making things a little tougher for the traditional pawn broker. I was interviewed for the article & asked how I felt about it. I do feel that the current variety of options have made things a little harder for traditional pawn brokers but […]


New Privacy and Comprehensive Credit Reporting laws have come into effect.  In the pass you had to be in default or in arrears to receive a mark on your credit report however now if you are more than five days late on a bill or loan you could be getting a mark on your credit […]

Birthstones – April is Diamonds!

Can you believe it is April already! For those of you that celebrate your birthday this month the Diamond is the traditional birthstone. The Diamond is associated with – enhancing relationships and increasing inner strength. The Traditional Metaphysical Properties for the April Birthstone Diamond are balance, clarity and abundance. The healing properties of the April […]